What Are the Most Popular Cybersport Games?

Whitney Kilgore

When playing games on Dendi, Sega and other platforms, people couldn't imagine that in the future game projects would become full-fledged cybersport disciplines. For more than 10 years in the world championships competitions have been held. It can be said that games have become a sport.

Modern cyber games require players to have an excellent reaction speed, attentiveness, ability to work in a team. Some can be called "modern chess of the world", because, for example, to win at https://lolbettings.com/ you need to take into account many factors, think through tactics and study all the features of the chosen discipline in detail.

Popular e-Sports Games

Popular e-Sports games are team games but there are also single players where oppositions are presented in the “duel” mode. Each player has the opportunity to take part in local competitions and gain experience, or you can visit the sites that are the organizers of amateur matches. The main thing is to gather a team and assign roles. Popular genres of e-sports games are:

  • Shooters;
  • Strategies;
  • MOBA;
  • Tank simulators;
  • Sports;
  • Fighting

The broadcasts are watched by millions of fans and casual viewers. E-sports games more actively enter the life of an ordinary person. Analysts predict an increase in the budget of the competition twice.

Top 4 e-Sports Games

Check the most popular games that are worth choosing:

  • CS: GO eSports game: The game series Counter-Strike before the update 1.6 did not stand out among other projects. But with the release of innovation, the game has become super popular and until now is a cyber discipline. The new Counter-Strike - CS: GO has attracted great attention from the gaming community. This game is actively held world-scale competitions.
  • Dota 2 eSports game: Initially, Dota 2 was a separate downloadable map for Warcraft 3, but today it is the most popular e-sports game in the MOBA genre. Teams from all over the world are fighting for the title of champions. In this game, the action takes place on a single map. You choose a hero and try to destroy the opponent's base.
  • LoL. Often, on the Internet, you can see disputes on the topic: “Which is better: League of Legends or DotA 2?”After the release, it immediately became a cyber discipline due to the presence of a league system. This MOBA looks simpler than DotA 2 but it is based on a complex system, thanks to which every match is unique. There are more than 100 heroes with unique abilities. You can form a team and earn a rating, which will allow you to go to new leagues.
  • Heartstone. Hearthstone is a card game by Blizzard. The first championship took place in 2014, and since then annual competitions are held as part of studio exhibitions. The first champion is James Kostesich, who earned $ 100,000. In this online game, you fight with only one opponent. There are various modes. Beginners get a starting set of cards, which describe the characteristics of the characters. In the process, you can purchase rare cards or receive them as a reward. Using maps requires some energy.

Choose one of the games and get started!