2016 IOL Conference

The 2016 IOL Conference aims to bring our attendees, sponsors, and conference coordinators together for networking opportunities beyond the conference floor. With that in mind, we believe, and strive to create an atmosphere of not only focusing on the tasks at hand, but enjoyment as well.

San Antonio has an array of attractions spanning from sports and music venues, to world class shopping and cuisine. If there are any specific attractions you wish to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The following are two events coordinated by 2016 IOL Hospitality Committee

For additonal information on attractions, and the city of San Antonio contact our hospitality chair Michael Brand

Enjoy an evening to mingle and network amongst peers!

Break the Ice will provide a forum to obtain a deeper understanding from other attendees of the online educational community, and discuss our current online learning climate. Learn the backgrounds from individuals, and ultimately build future relationships amongst colleagues from around the country.

Hors d'oeuvres will be provided as an evening snack.

Working together to build with each other!

The first major strength of IOL are the people who attend. They are a diverse cross section of professionals from the technology and education fields. The next greatest strength is our location, directly on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. We are in a constant mode of improvement, and in that process we determined that these strengths were not showcased to it's maximum ability. We looked for ways to showcase both of these strengths meshed them into the same activity. What we came up with was The Hunt Down the River. A tech-scavenger hunt in and around the Riverwalk and the adjacent Alamo Plaza. Our goal is to give our attendees an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their peers while acquaint themselves with the historic and vibrant area which surrounds IOL. In line with our objectives of the conference, we will heavily utilize technology to intertwine the participants and create a synergy to enhance the experience.

Registration coming soon.