MoreMMR Dota Training Resource Review

Recently, there have been several new programs designed to boost the skill and MMR of Dota players. Before you start betting on, make sure you have enough knowledge and skills.

Let's figure out how the most popular resources work, how effective they are, and whether they are worth the money you have to pay for their help.

What Is MoreMMR?

MoreMMR is a training site with videos and assignments. One of the founders of Netology-groups, the company that deals with online education, came up with a portal. The resource is arranged as quests in the Battle Pass, only for each task you need to pay. The material is divided into five branches - base, mid, carry, offline, and support. Upon registration, the user receives 300 coins.

Each video tells about a single topic - what are the roles, what is split-push, how to choose the right hero for the line, how to play this or that character. In the early paragraphs, general information is given, which can be useful only for beginners. The lessons teach to keep a positive mindset and believe in victory to the end. The videos are nicely decorated, although they tell more about it than show. In some cases, the visual part either duplicates the audio or simply clogs the air. It is noticeable that the authors have not prepared suitable moments everywhere, so instead of snippets of real matches, they used recordings of games with cheats or bots.

What Can You Do Here?

After watching the video, you can perform tasks. At the beginning of the base branch, they are traversed at a time, but by the third or fourth block they become more difficult. Somewhere the quest itself can cause difficulties - not every game manages to touch 31 creeps in 10 minutes. Somewhere a small pool of heroes is offered: for example, in the fourth block of the base path you need to take Weaver, Ursa, Wraith King, Sven, Slark or Luna, do a lot of fun and money and finish the game with a GPM of more than 500.

In many quests, the situation is complicated by the fact that they require good interaction with the team. For example, the fourth block of the off-leneer is to go three together on a difficult line, take part in 10/20 killings per game and end up earning XPM above 350/450. You will either have to persuade the allies in matchmaking, or look for friends who are willing to help. And if you can play only one role, then you will not advance further than the base - in the third block, quests are given to all three lines. Unlike the Battle Pass, you can simultaneously perform several quests. But it is impossible to jump over tasks, and the branches themselves almost without branches - to bypass a complex task will not work.

What Does a Block Look Like?

It is interesting to use the site, the quests are a good substitute for tasks from the Battle Pass. It is possible to learn something with its help - the videos are not bad, but not less detailed guides can be found for less money, or even for free. Read here how to get better at Dota.