Shungite how to use

Whitney Kilgore

Many people know how to use shungite for health improvement. In recent years, interest in this unique mineral has sharply increased and almost every day a huge number of articles by specialists and ordinary people are published on the network, which describes how else you can use this amazing stone. Shungite harmonizers all the spheres of life.

There are several options for using this unique stone for water purification both at home and in the field, both individually and for the purification of collective water sources. For individual use at home, there are household filter cartridges that use this stone. Shungite for water purification can also be used to purify large volumes of water, for example, in a well, but this requires not grams, but kilograms of the substance. Due to its quality as an active sorbent, this mineral is increasingly used in collective water purification systems and at the stages of water treatment in food industry enterprises.

Only purchased Shungite for Biologically active Water should be rinsed under the tap. If it's shallow, you can use a colander or gauze. Rinse the stones thoroughly, stirring occasionally until the water from them becomes clear.

It is better to grind large pieces of rock with sandpaper, then their service life will be very long.

Shungite for water purification will help to boost health in a rather easy way.

After washing, the stones are laid out in a prepared container at the rate of 100 grams per 1 liter and filled with water at a normal temperature. During water purification, impurities settle at the bottom of the can. Therefore, you need to drain the water carefully, leaving the bottom words 3-5 cm. It can be drained, or you can strain and use it for washing.

Important! You also need to wash and clean the pebbles after Shungite Water at least once a month, as they collect all the dirt from the water. Small shungite needs to be changed every six months, and large shungite should be washed thoroughly.

The medicinal properties of shungite

Let's talk about what diseases are successfully cured with the use of Shungite Pyramid and remedies based on it. The range of these diseases is wide and we will try to briefly cover most of them.

Shungite purified water is successfully used in the treatment of all kinds of skin diseases. Moreover, both glasses of water directly from medicinal springs and water prepared specially for this purpose by artificial means are used. In both cases, the result exceeds all expectations. Shungite pastes, infusions, ointments, and preparations are used to renew and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, as well as to stimulate blood circulation.

Several building materials with electrically conductive, radio-reflecting, and radio-absorbing properties are produced from shungite. Radio-reflective building materials made of shungite have shown themselves to be excellent at industrial facilities, where special attention is paid to the protection of electronic information. This is evidenced by the results of full-scale tests. They have proven to be environmentally friendly, more durable, more reliable, and safer than comparable metal screens.

Shungite perfectly protects the human body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. In buildings protected with the use of construction materials based on shungite, the level of irradiation of the human body by both natural and artificial radiation sources is hundreds of times lower.

Even if you simply place a shungite product near the radiation source, it will significantly weaken its power. This is the basis of the action of shungite pyramids that protect the computer monitor from radiation and special protective shungite stickers that are glued to a mobile phone.

Shungite is also widely used in the following areas of the national economy:

  • filtration of drinking water;
  • cleaning of sewage and other drains;
  • manufacturing of radiation protective building materials and devices;
  • in agriculture and animal husbandry (production of environmentally friendly fertilizers and quality feed);
  • medicine (preparations based on shungite, ointment, infusion paste);
  • in alternative medicine (treatment and rehabilitation centers for shungite therapy);
  • and many, many others.

Shungite is a unique mineral of its kind, which has found itself widely used in various branches of economic activity in our country and abroad.

Zodiac sign Shungite plates

Esotericists, believing that the black stone is the carrier and disseminator of dark energies, do not recommend decorating themselves with shungite every day. Images applied to its surface help to get rid of the adherence to the black power of shungite. Enamel images written on shungite plates, pendants with runes, and sacred symbols help to make the impact of the stone positive.

As a talisman, shungite is needed for people seeking reciprocity in love. Cube-cut, the black stone helps in commerce. Shungite pyramids concentrate the negative energies of the dwelling and send them into the sky with a narrow beam.

Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo can wear Shungite Bracelet with confidence in the benefits of such contact. Shungite helps fish gain prudence and sagacity. Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra do not need shungite: under its influence, these signs can become petty, irritable, restless.

Nevertheless, any zodiac sign should have Shungite Necklace with them when making a profitable deal. The black stone keeps track of the details of the contract and gives an unambiguous sign to the owner in case of a trick in the conditions.