Online Slots using PayPal in 2021

Online Casino PayPal: Find any Paypal Casino and choose from our top selection. Here you will learn the advantages of this payment method. We also show you exactly how PayPal works.

PayPal is an online wallet. You don't pay in cash here, but online. Once you register your account, you can use it for casinos and games.

You only need an email address to open your account. Verification is done by transferring one cent. When you find the transfer in your bank statements, you will see a small code there that you need to enter on the site. Then your registration is complete.

PayPal & everything you need to know

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How do you recognize a provider with PayPal?
  • How does it work?

Casino with Paypal deposit 2021

Casinos, where you can use PayPal for your gambling, were the exception a few years ago. Today, there are many providers where you can use these payment providers. However, it is important that you know all the details regarding the fees, any limits as well as the processing times.

We recommend choosing a Paypal casino where there are no fees at all when you use PayPal. With many providers, you have to pay costs when you deposit or withdraw with real money. This is often also accompanied by a minimum deposit amount so that the deposit is worthwhile for you - and so that the fees are worthwhile for the provider, of course.

Also, note the different processing times. With e-wallets like PayPal, you have to wait a comparatively short time for your money, but there are always differences in deposits and withdrawals. The deposit is usually available immediately, for your withdrawal, you wait a little longer, but actually never longer than a day. In addition, your identity will be verified first. This process is of course also for your own safety, because this way you know that no one has access to your account who is not you.

What you need to know about Paypal

If you're looking for an online casino that offers PayPal, you'll quickly find it. Which one will become your favorite depends on your own preferences. All casinos that you will find here are absolutely trustworthy. In addition to the seriousness, there are several other factors that you should consider when choosing your casino. Each one you look at should be given a lot of attention before you decide to sign up.

  • What games are offered?
  • Is there good customer service?
  • Is the bonus offers good?
  • Do you like the design?
  • Privacy policy and license available?

Always inform yourself in advance about the games offered, the accessibility of customer service, and get a good impression of what to expect on the site. The design of the casino should also be right, because here, too, opinions differ: some players appreciate a simple design, while others are happy about colorful extras.

The bonus offers are also important. So always look at whether your chosen provider offers good welcome bonuses. This could be with and bonus without deposit, also free spins are very popular in casinos.

Online Casino PayPal with Bonus

PayPal is very popular in the US, there are many casinos that offer this payment method. If you then deposit, you sometimes get a certain bonus amount credited by the provider.

Welcome offers are very tempting in casinos. For example, there are deposit bonuses, free credits or free spins. So it is worth looking out for suitable casinos. This bonus can be valid for online slot machines with real money deposits through PayPal , table games or even the live casino.

With simple online payments, you can then qualify for your PayPal casino bonus, which is of course doubly worthwhile for you.

PayPal Casino, Security & Transactions

Of course, you are also wondering whether PayPal is really safe . The payment provider generally has the reputation as one of the safest payment methods, and this praise does not come by chance.

Pay at a casino with PayPal

PayPal is also popular to use because of its speed. The booking is done in real-time, so you can get started right away. If you choose a provider that offers Paypal, you should also see if there is a bonus that you can use directly for yourself when depositing, because that way you will obviously get even more out of your money. Online gambling with Paypal is very simple.

If you deposit in one, then it is usually free of charge. Fees are only incurred on the part of the operator. There may also be a fee if you make the deposit with a credit card. However, these fees are not high, so there is no high financial burden. Otherwise, everything is free, even the registration of an account is free for you, after all.

Online Casino Paypal Withdrawal

Making a withdrawal is not a problem. Most of the time, you first have to reach a minimum balance in order to initiate the withdrawal. This is decided by the platform, the amount is usually 10-20$. You can also only withdraw if the deposit was also made through this provider. This is also a rule in casinos because if possible, deposits and withdrawals are processed through the same provider.

For any withdrawal, you need to know when is a good time to withdraw. For example, if you have an active bonus that you still have to wager, you should not request a withdrawal, because in the worst case you risk losing your bonus - and often, unfortunately, all the winnings you made with it.

Are there limits for payments?

PayPal can also set limits itself. Basically, there are no limits to this payment method. However, each online has its own guidelines that you need to know. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a payment method. With a limit, the company can ensure that you can really pay the bill afterward.

In order to be able to use your account without restrictions, you always have to go through a verification process. We have already described this process above, it is very simple and is usually completed within a few days.

When you use a PayPal casino, you also refrain from providing sensitive data. All transactions are encrypted. This way, no one can intercept your data.

Instead, you simply enter the desired amount and you will be redirected. Afterward, you confirm the transaction directly.

Also positive is that PayPal takes action against fraud. For example, you will be informed on PayPal's site how you can recognize fake emails. So in the end, you are mainly responsible for the security.

In a PayPal casino, however, such a thing will never happen to you anyway. If you proceed carefully, no one will get your data. With buyer protection, you are also on the safe side. If you think that a transaction was faulty, you can get your money back.

Why are sites with PayPal so popular?

One-Touch, for example, ensures that you can send and receive money anytime and anywhere. Let's summarize again why so many players look for a Paypal casino. This is a great advantage of all online payments with an e-wallet because it can hardly be made easier for the player.

  • Flexibility thanks to One Touch
  • Worldwide usable
  • Reliable and secure
  • Private bank data remains protected
  • Direct credits

More than 16 million people around the globe already use this payment method. So it's no wonder that deposits and withdrawals are also becoming increasingly popular in online casinos. For American players, using this payment option simply has advantages, so we can only highly recommend trying out Paypal.

Are there also disadvantages?

For casinos, it is then more about private individuals and not large companies, but the blocking is still very annoying. Unfortunately, there are also reasons to decide against this payment method. For example, there was always talk of account blocking.

Another disadvantage is the fees that can be incurred with this payment method. Whenever you make a payment yourself, it is free of charge. You only pay a fee for credit received, which is around 1.9%.

This is not optimal, but in most cases, it is really not a big fee. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, as this payment method offers many options.

Always on the safe side

Although PayPal is a safe payment method, you should only ever register and deposit money at an online casino if you can also be sure that you are dealing with a reputable provider. All the casinos you will find here are trustworthy. They have a valid license and take important precautions for user privacy. So decide not only by the payment methods but also by the overall impression of the online casino.

Can I make my account even more secure?

PayPal itself is already extremely secure since you don't provide any exact banking information on the online platform. You simply select the payment method, log in with your data and you can transfer money. Of course, your password should never be too obvious, so that it is not easy to guess. Also, don't give your password to another person, only you should know your data.

You are also welcome to use a security key that the payment method provides. Whenever you want to log in, you will then receive a numerical code via SMS, which you have to enter with your data. This code is valid only once.

If you suspect that someone has gained access to your account, you can always contact them immediately or block your account. Also, the company will not contact you and ask you for sensitive data. So, if you receive such phishing emails, do not react at all. Accordingly, do not follow any links that may be contained in the emails. If you do so, your data will be safe.


  • Finding Paypal as a payment method in the casino is not difficult nowadays. The payment method is extremely secure and convenient at the same time. So it's no wonder that many US players are looking for PayPal providers. However, as with every step you take on the Internet, you should never act recklessly.
  • Then nothing will stand in the way of your deposit and withdrawal. Just pick one of the casinos that you like the most and let the fun begin!
  • Maybe you decide directly on a platform that provides extra bonus offers for deposits, then you have even more advantages!

The customer service is of a high standard and your questions will be answered quickly. If you have any questions about your payments or buyer protection, you can simply contact us.