Office Desk vs Gaming Desk: What’s the Difference?

The difference between gaming on a normal office table and a table specifically designed for gaming is something that cannot be disputed. Gaming tables offer a great deal of comfort and ergonomics, but can be easily confused for the office desk. Actually, some people often find themselves with an office desk at their gaming station without even discovering it. This article endeavors to save you from this kind of embarrassment and inconvenience by ensuring you understand the differences between a gaming desk and an office desk. Apparently, knowing these differences will possibly make your gaming awesome and save you your time, money and effort.


As much as it may seem otherwise, gaming is a physically demanding activity, especially if you spend most of your time at it. This is exactly why most avid gamers will always sort for the best gaming tables and chairs in the market. A gaming table makes gaming much easier mostly by being adjustable and customizable to the gamer’s specific needs. Gaming tables usually have adjustable heights to ensure perfect reach and visibility by the gamer. Apart from having adjustable heights, great gaming tables also have a reclining surface to ensure comfortable positioning of the hands during gaming, especially if you are using a keyboard or gaming tablet. They also have removable or retractable shelves that can be removed or adjusted to create more leg space. On the other hand, most office tables are simply built with measurements that fit any average user. For instance, most do not have adjustable heights or reclining features.


When you compare the amount of impact that a gaming chair and an office chair experience, the former really does go through some rough handling. The diverse emotions such as excitement, anger and anticipation that is common in gaming rooms, all land onto the table. This therefore means that the gaming table should be made of very strong materials such as stainless steel, PVC, strong plastic or hardwood, which is mostly the case. The design of the gaming desk is also sturdy enough to support both the weight of the gaming equipment and the rough handling that is common in gaming stations. While office desks are also long lasting, the level of strength, resilience and durability cannot be compared to that of the gaming desk, as only modest amounts of impact are experienced in the office environment.


Office desks are designed with features that ensure a comfortable posture, which makes working more bearable. However, the level of comfort offered by the gaming table cannot be compared to this at all. As mentioned above, gaming requires much more physical power especially since the gamer will definitely spend most of their time in competitive gaming, which implies that they will be sitting in the same position for hours on end. The gaming table usually comes with supreme adjustability and customization options to ensure that the gamer is 100% comfortable. The surfaces of gaming tables are usually made smooth, with softer edges for the sake of safety and comfort during gaming, unlike most office desks that have basic designs.


The amount of working space required on an average office desk is quite little as compared to the amount of space needed on a gaming desk. This factor has affected the shape and size of most office and gaming desks, all in a bid to ensure that they look great without taking up too much space. For this reason, most office desks are rectangle in shape, unless you plan to use them with your colleague. On the other hand, an average gaming station will require an L-shaped gaming desk that fits at the corner of a room, thus taking up less floor space while providing ample space for your hands as well as placement of gaming equipment. In addition, most gaming tables usually have retractable or removable shelves or drawers to increase the amount of leg space.

Storage options.

Most offices only consist of a computer, printer, a couple of files and documents. Certainly, these do not require a lot of storage space, which is why most office desks do not offer many storage provisions apart from a drawer and shelf. On the other hand, when it comes to gaming, there is much more that needs to be placed on top of the desk and stored. Gaming tables usually offer more storage options including shelves, drawers, retractable work surfaces and larger worktops. In addition to these, there may be mounts to fix additional monitors on a gaming table, which quells the need to secure them onto walls.

Additional features.

Since gaming is quite diverse in terms of the types of games and gaming equipment available in the market, gaming tables always conform to the users’ different needs. While the office table will come with grommets for your cables, the gaming table always comes with more additional features. Ranging from mounts for your additional monitors, raised platforms for your monitors to retractable worktops for placement of your keyboard, mouse or graphic tablet, there is nothing that can’t be achieved by a gaming table. Actually, if you love racing games, then some gaming tables will offer a provision to mount your steering controls to the edge of the table for a better racing experience.


Since gaming tables come with more customized features as compared to the office table, it is obvious that the gaming table will attract a higher price tag. As much as this rule applies most of the time, carefully considering the most important features when shopping for a gaming table will help you access better offers on the best gaming tables at lower prices. For more information about gaming desks, you can find it in this article, especially if you are planning to invest in one. Actually, even with a considerably low budget, you should never give up on your vision of owning your dream gaming table.


If you are planning to upgrade your gaming station, or simply add a table to it, you need to know the major differences between an office table and a gaming table. Most novice gamers usually confuse these two, mainly because they do not know exactly how a gaming table should feel or function. Although, with proper guidance from this article, it becomes easier to identify the gaming table and the office table, and choose the exact one you want. In addition to guaranteeing you