Overwatch: Helpful Guide for Choosing a Hero

Whitney Kilgore

Many beginners are wondering - which hero to choose in Overwatch? In the Overwatch game, you must not only hit the target accurately, but also know the abilities of the enemy characters, including your own. Here you will not be able to straighten out with your opponent alone, without a well-coordinated team game nothing will come of it. Using this source of information, you will be able to look at a few Overwatch characters that are perfect for beginners in Overwatch.

Many people want to play only for Tracer or Widow, undoubtedly, these heroes have very strong abilities, however, they are rather difficult to master. Check other Overwatch heroes to choose from that will fit beginner players.

  • Soldier 76. This character is very similar to our usual hero of classic multiplayer shooters. Soldier 76 is one of the fastest game characters. With the help of a rifle and a second ability you will deliver guaranteed high damage. If you just launched Overwatch, then you are recommended to play for this particular character, then you can choose a more interesting character.
  • Bastion. This hero is included in the list of the best class defenders. If there is active support from the team, the Bastion can hold back the onslaught of the enemy for a sufficiently long period of time. The most important thing is to take the right position. With this hero, you can put the whole team of the enemy. Reinhardt Tank, with a large supply of life and hiding behind a huge shield, will help any newcomer to get used to Overwatch.
  • Angel. If you want to learn how to support your team mates, then you just need to play for Angel. Of course, in the “best moments” with this hero you are unlikely to get in, but someone has to support your team too. The angel is a great support hero, and with the help of her superpowers she can resurrect the whole team, which can turn the outcome of the battle to the root. She also knows how to fly and move quickly to teammates.
  • Farra. This character has a jetpack with which you can climb high into the sky and strike at a group of opponents or large targets. Farra perfectly combines with the Angel. The latter is able to heal and strengthen the damage of Farrra. And using superpower, you will bring a squall of rockets on the enemy.
  • Turbosvin. If you prefer heroes that the entire enemy team hates, then Turbosvin is for you. The tactics of the game is extremely simple - with the help of a hook, you pull up the enemy, and then shoot point-blank with a shotgun. If the shot is not enough, you can use melee attacks. Also, thanks to the hook, you can stop the enemy superpowers, due to which you can turn the game. The main thing is to learn how to use the hook.

Choose the right character keeping in mind the information above and you will achieve the desired heights!