Get Exciting Experience Playing Cornhole

Whitney Kilgore

Cornhole is an unusual game that you occasionally meet in films and TV shows. It is the mandatory attribute of home picnics and parties of American schoolchildren and students. It’s great to feel the magic of the pillow with the grain flying right into the target! Cornhole is one of the most ancient American games: the first mention dates back to the 14th century. Two people and teams of two or four participants can play it. The main point of the game may seem simple - to get a bag in the hole on the playing field. However, this requires a certain skill!

A Bit of Cornhole History

There are several theories on how this exciting game originated. One of them says that the game originated in the 14th century in Germany, and then was rediscovered in the mountains of Kentucky more than a hundred years ago. Some American scientists claim that the game is similar to the one played by the Indians of the Midwest. However, in spite of the different theories of occurrence, everyone who has played a cornhole is unanimous in the main thing - this is a very fascinating game!

What Do You Need to Play Cornhole?

Cornhole is a game that will not leave anyone indifferent who has ever thrown a bag at least once! So, what do you need to have to get started? The gaming equipment set is a cornhole board 1.2 x 0.6 m and bags to throw. The key to success is the well-chosen high-quality board. Check the useful guide on how to choose the best cornhole boards to know which distinctive features they have. Give preference to the boards made of solid top-quality materials. It is a good idea to play this outdoors but there are sets that are designed so that you can adjust the size of equipment and play it inside.

Not only your skills affect the result of the game. The construction of the board plays not the least role in the game success. Experienced players recommend choosing lightweight boards with the aluminum frame, which add durability to the board. Take into account that not only boards but also bags differ. There are weather-proof bags, which can be used even if it is raining outside.

In the cornhole, two inclined platforms with holes on one side and a set of pouches are used. The task of players is to throw a bag in the hole on the platform from a distance of 5-8 meters. According to the rules of cornhole game, the player gets 3 points when hitting the hole. If the bag is on the platform - 1 point is yours. Check tips on how to win in cornhole and get started!