Know Everything about Dota2? Check it!

Whitney Kilgore

What is the essence of the game Dota 2? This question excites many newcomers to the game, who are little familiar with the genre of MOBA. At first glance at the monitor of the person who plays Dota 2, you might think that this is some sort of strategy (because of the high camera). The ability to pump and dress the hero immediately recalls the notorious RPG genre. However, the point is that the game has managed to absorb the best features of several genres at once.

In many ways, a carefully thought-out map opens a lot of options for mass battles, ambushes, ganks - PvP component from MMORPG. The ability to swing on mobs, heroes and neutral creeps - from there (PvE - Player versus Environment), as well as the ability to choose your "class". The main goal in the game is to destroy the enemy throne - a huge building based on the enemy in its center, reminiscent of the magical citadel, incidentally defending itself against attempts by the enemy team to do the same. Knowing all these things, you'll be able to place bets at the right way.

If you will destroy the throne earlier than the opponent - you will win. But this goal can only be achieved by playing well with your team, since it is almost impossible to win this game on your own. The game can be compared to chess, where the main figures are the players. And as you know, it is impossible to win chess with either one king or a horse.

What is the Main Task of the Game?

Like, probably, in all other games of the same genre is to pass it and defeat the five rivals, using all their capabilities. Remember the main thing - the winner is not the one who killed the most number of enemies but the one who destroyed the foreign throne first. Online games are an ingenious invention, because people get great pleasure from teamwork and its success. And all this without leaving home, with friends or random people.

It is possible even to take part in tournaments from home. You need to learn the rules before you participate. You should know that each of the five players of the team has ⅕ points earned by the team. If 1-2 players leave the team, they do not lose the points of these players, and the arrival of a new player / players on the team's rating does not affect. If 3-5 players leave a team, they lose ⅕ points for each of them. The arrival of 3-5 players in the team will affect its rating. When you create a new team from scratch, all players' points are added together.

Hope that now you have learnt more about Dota 2 rules and can get started!