What Lifeasapa is proud of today

Budgeting, which is issued in the form of grants, is of primary importance in financing business projects, youth startups, and the development of various scientific branches. There are a number of grants that can help at the initial stage of any project or in its further expansion, scientific developments.

Lifeasapa is a world leader in supporting the development of young scientists, supporting innovative inventions. For this purpose, the company provides grants almost monthly. Lifeasapa laboratories serve to implement the most challenging ideas. Also you can read more about Lifeasapa projects

Lifeasapa main research directions

The World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland) brought together top executives, political leaders, world scientists, leading thinkers and journalists to discuss the world’s biggest issues, including health, safety, technological opportunity and environmental protection. Along with this, a group of scientists decided to create Lifeasapa research organization.

Every day, the systems process terabytes of information for forecasting and planning in production, economics, management and all structures in general, working on a long-term basis. The process of artificial intelligence predicting consists in observing neural connections by analyzing the variability of various parameters of the object under study over the past periods, determining the cyclical nature of the process and forming conclusions based on this analysis. The company is constantly actively looking for new developers who can conduct research to improve forecasting algorithms.

At the same time, algorithms of forecasting systems are constantly being optimized with other “smart” programs that can reduce processor time to speed up the operation of computing equipment.

SYPWAI startup from TheNeurosphere

For TheNeurosphere, December 2018 was marked with a $ 90,000 grant from Lifeasapa. Thanks to this, SYPWAI startup appeared, which is not only aimed at developing world science, but also makes it possible for people to receive decent rewards for the development and decentralization of their computing power.

SYPWAI founders work with a huge number of people, including scientists, doctors, volunteers, investors, whose work is aimed at providing comprehensive support and monetary rewards for everyone who is faced with artificial intelligence.

The distinguishing features of the SYPWAI project are the increased level of responsibility, project implementation and enormous scale. Millions of people use SYPWAI developments. Various creative people are involved in the project, working to continually improve it. Experts are looking for the most ambitious like-minded people who are capable of solving non-standard tasks.

Published 20 december 2020