Tips for Creating a Text that Will Sound Brilliant

Whitney Kilgore

Want to attract the teacher's attention with the help of the impressively written essay? It is not as difficult as it may seem first. Check the simple tips for creating a valuable essay.

  • Don't write a typical beginning for your essay. Use such phrases as "Imagine ...", "Remember ...", etc. Examples: “Imagine that you are the captain of a spaceship.” “ Imagine that you are in the jungle, where there are a lot of cannibals. “Remember how you ran naked in your childhood.”
  • Include a smart quote in the beginning. Another good way to start an article is to use a clever quote. Only if you use this technique, remember that the reader must understand the meaning of this quotation. The quote should be directly related to the text content.
  • Focus on a problem or solution. Here, everything is simple. You immediately put a problem that is relevant to the reader, and promise its solution in the essay. This technique especially refers to the explanation and cause-and-effect essays.
  • Share your personal experience. People love it when the author shares his/her observations or experiences (especially if this experience is personal). In principle, this way to start an essay is similar to a story, with the only difference being that the narrative is a first-person narrative and can be overly emotional. Example: “I want to tell you the story that happened to me two months ago.”
  • Avoid superfluous words. They are the most terrible enemies. After writing a phrase, look at it and throw half the words. Does not work? Change the wording so that it works. The shorter, the better. Let's imagine that there is a very long sentence in our text. Somewhere in the middle the reader is lost in it, not following the logic. But if you break a long sentence into a few short sentences, attention and positive perception will be again activated.
  • People always carefully read what's on the lists. So, if part of your narration can be presented in the form of a bulleted or numbered list, do it and make sure: the result will be visually attractive!

Follow the above-mentioned recommendations for writing an essay and get the desired A+! If you lack time to craft a paper keeping in mind all the points above, remember that you can always buy essay from professionals able to give a helping hand anytime.