How to Choose an Impressive Essay Topic?

Whitney Kilgore

Most students find it difficult to choose an impressive essay topic. There are several criteria that you should to take into account when picking the best essay topic. Here, we are going to have a closer look at the things that must be kept in mind for you to write a good essay. Don't underestimate the importance of the topic because it is the key to success. Nobody will have a wish to waste his/her time reading banal essays. Do you wonder how to choose the right topic for your essay? Then, you are welcome to learn the recommendations in this article.

Why is the Selection of an Essay Topic so Important?

An essay is written by students and even by employees as this kind of task allows to find out what the writer thinks about a certain topic. Often, the teacher doesn't assign a certain theme for writing. On the one hand, it is good because you can choose any topic. On the other hand, the selection of a topic isn't as easy as ABC.

If there is no list of topics among which you can choose the one for your paper, and only a general direction is given, then you need to take into account which target audience the essay is designed for. Variants can be different:

  • the teacher in the university,
  • the commission,
  • the literary community,
  • the employer.

If the essay is written for delivery to the teacher, then it is necessary to consider what qualities will be evaluated. Proceeding from this, the topic should be selected in such a way that it would be possible to demonstrate the abilities that the examiner expects from you: originality, the ability to logically construct sentences, literacy, professional qualities, etc. Brainstorm the topic ideas and evaluate each topic.

What Topic is the Right One for You?

After you have decided on the topic direction, think what you are good at. Some people like to describe picturesque events, places, interesting people, amazing things, others like to analyze, others to write about themselves, while somebody will prefer to criticize what he/she does not like. Depending on this, your essay will be descriptive, analytical, reflexive, critical or some othe type.

By combining an interesting topic for you with the form of an essay, sketch out several variants of the topics. At this stage, it is important not to accurately formulate the topic, but to understand the essence of the problem and find its potential solution. In case, you lack the time for the topic evaluation, you can always ask the professional writers at write my essay for me service to brainstorm interesting topic ideas instead of you.