Can You Win Big with Penny Slots?

Whitney Kilgore

Penny slots are a huge attraction online due to their acceptance of small stakes that go as low as a penny. These sets serve as ideal options for gamers looking to risk real money but are not willing to go too deep down the spending rabbit hole. Although the penny slot machines accept low bets, they do not limit gamblers from collecting big winnings. Even with the random nature of these games, similar to most other pokies, some strategies can be applied to maximise on the amount collected per winning round. A couple of them include:

Invest real money

Penny slots are provided in two versions – free and real money play. The latter grants players the chance to collect big wins in the form of actual cash since the same is used in the placement of stakes. The free options can be used to sift through the numerous games featured online to find the ideal one for real money bets.

Choose high RTP games

All casino games are developed with a Return to Player rate, including penny slots. These rates are displayed in the form of percentages, and they usually give a hypothetical forecast of how much to expect in winnings after playing for some time. Even though these rates are only theoretical, they are sourced from the payout patterns of the game over a long period. Therefore, the higher the RTP rate, the bigger the chances of landing winning combinations.

Assess the paytable

Each penny slot is developed with a paytable that indicates the characters one can expect to see along with the payouts they provide when the right combinations are formed. The paytable values either change according to the bet value placed or are multiplied by the credit value on each line. Gamblers are advised to pick the games that feature the highest payout values so that even when small combinations are created, they still walk away with significant winnings.

Place maximum bets

The higher the wagers placed in penny slots, the bigger the winnings provided. In some games, the placement of the highest stake gives players access to additional bonus features and even progressive pooled jackpots that carry up to millions in payouts. However, this tip can only be applied if the maximum stake is within one's financial limits.

Play in a licensed casino

Accessing penny slots from a reputable casino does not affect gameplay directly, but it assures players that the winnings they collect will be paid out. Rogue sites tend to set unrealistic hurdles when the time comes to cash out or refuse to pay at all. With no licensing firm to answer to, these gaming sites can easily get away with the practice. Licensed casinos, on the other hand, usually have a reputation to maintain, which means one can rest assured their stakes and winnings will be safe.

Parting Shot

Penny slots offer the possibility of collecting significant payouts, but gamers should not forget that they are highly dependent on luck for the provision of wins. Therefore, the entertainment value of the game should trump that of monetary gains.